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Well, Hey There, I’m Kristan!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m an entrepreneur, SEO consultant, business coach, wife, mom, and lover of all things outdoors (and a good latte!).

I’ve spent the bulk of my career in search engine optimization (SEO) in-house and as an agency founder and consultant.

My journey to SEO was the best kind of mistake.

Kristan BauerIt all started with what I considered a “throwaway” application to a small SEO startup for an entry-level SEO specialist position—and by “throwaway,” I mean I thought there was a 0% likelihood that I would get a callback!

Fast-forward almost 15 years, and I’ve worked in both agency and in-house SEO leadership positions, most notably as the SEO Director at Zillow Group, where I oversaw a channel that received over one billion web visitors a year. ONE BILLION. That’s a lot to manage! 

In 2017, I founded the award-winning SEO agency, ConifrI’ve spent the past seven years building the agency and growing the team.

The agency started with a drive to build an SEO freelancing business and become my own boss, which organically grew into a seven-figure agency, working with many household name brands. 

In 2024, I decided it was time to pass over the company’s leadership and successfully navigated my exit from being President and CEO.

(Side note: I am still involved in a limited capacity – Conifr truly has the best SEO team!). 

Kristan Bauer SEONowadays, I am back to independent consulting, SEO training, and coaching for other agency owners and those looking to start their own SEO freelance business.

My philosophy on SEO is pretty simple. 

Good SEO is all about creating the right content, making it discoverable, and creating a great user experience. 

While most SEO is simple fundamentally, it can get complicated when considering the scale and technical nuances of websites with millions… and millions of pages. Plus, resourcing and managing priorities accordingly. 

That’s where I come in. I can help demystify SEO, create an actionable plan for your brand and website, and provide the growth you hope to achieve. 

If you want high-impact SEO consulting or agency coaching, check out my consulting services here

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You won’t want to miss this: I plan to launch updates to my SEO training services, communities, and courses in the coming months. Please submit your information here, and I’ll keep you in the loop! 

Kristan BauerIn my personal life, I’m a mom, wife, and lover of all things outdoors. When not working or with my family, I’m skiing, trail running, or enjoying anything that gets me outside. 

(Don’t get me started on a conversation about skiing, or I don’t think we’ll talk much about SEO after that, LOL!)

Let’s keep in touch! 

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or fill out the contact form here today. You can also find me on LinkedIn

Onward and upward!